MODx Revolution's add on: SmartTag

A MODX's add on to create a tagging system for MODX Revolution.


MODx Revolution's add on: GridClassKey

A MODX's add on to create a custom class key for MODX Revolution's Manager to hide child resources inside container's grid.

Anak Sehat

Website: (offline)

Children healthcare website


MODx Revolution's add on: Lingua

A MODX's add on for multilingual websites.

This add on behaves as a Lexicon (MODX's language system) switcher for front-end interface.


MODx Revolution's add on: ExerPlan

A MODX's add on for a health training and clinics system, to manage plans, image and video galleries, and assessments.

This add on provides access level for restricted membership system.

Upload to Users

MODx Revolution's add on: Upload to Users

This Custom Manager Page is about to manage uploading of registered users' folders.

This would be usefull for restricted download page of a logged in user.